Land Monitoring System


The SMOT is an information system that allows users to monitor changes in the field, using images captured via satellite or aerial flight.

This system can be used to manage and control the state and/or use of the territory, for example, in the following situations:

  • Illegal constructions
  • Constructions that deviate from approved projects
  • Deposits/Landfills for household or industrial waste
  • Coastal erosion
  • Water levels of rivers and reservoirs
  • Counting elements (trees, houses, cattle, etc.)
  • Calculating areas and volumes
  • Tree-logging
  • Mining areas
  • Railway lines, roads, and electricity, gas and water grids

The SMOT analyses every alteration detected in a particular area, from images obtained with a preset frequency, and classifies the changes according to a set of predefined criteria.

This process triggers the dispatch of alerts to a Central Monitoring System, which are then distributed among the work teams. The teams receive the information directly on their mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), to ensure more efficient and effective inspections.

The world is changing every second. Observe and analyse it 24x7x365!







Alerts of Illegalities

SMOT warns the user about any deviations from the construction plan and/or license, by analysing photos obtained via satellite or aerial flight. Using powerful algorithm comparison, the system detects the deviations from the land use plans and the issued permits, or from any another source defined by the user.

Updated Information

Once the system detects a violation, the actions of the supervisors/police officers are more effective and efficient, since the teams are immediately directed to the exact spot where the infractions/discrepancies were detected.

Optimized and Efficient Resource Management

With SMOT, the management of the resources is optimized, as a result of infraction alerts, automatic calculation of routes based on geographic references, and the possibility of online communication, which allows the Central Monitoring System to notify the supervisor closest to the occurrence.

Total Control

The photographs cover the entire land surface, which means that, even the parcels that are harder to access, are monitored and controlled.

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