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AnoGov is a procurement solution that comprises an electronic platformhosting services, technical support and software maintenance. This platform allows buyers to carry any procurement procedure, in a fast, simple and intuitive manner.

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The anoGov is configurable and allows to respond to what are the specific needs of each Adjudicating Entity, from the creation of own profiles to the definition of internal circuits for the management of procedures.

Management Support Mechanisms

AnoGov guarantees a set of reports with detailed and statistical information about the procedures carried out on the platform.

Assistance During the Decision-Making Process

The platform examines the proposals submitted by the suppliers, according to the criteria defined on the tender specifications, and produces comparative and analysis maps, which help the buyer during the decision making process.

Advanced Features

AnoGov has navigation support features such as advanced search filters, serial download, messages and automatic alerts.

Cloning of Procedures

With a simple “click”, a new procedure can be created based on an existing one. The users can choose which data to clone, such as: batches, quantity maps, internal users, suppliers invited to submit proposals, etc.

Contract Management

AnoGov guarantees the total dematerialization of its hiring processes. In addition to the digital signature of contracts by the Entity and the Supplier, anoGov enables the creation of automatic alerts about the end of the contract performance periods.


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