CEO's Statement

What are we today?

ANO is an IT company whose growth results from the continuous monitoring of tendencies in technological development, with the purpose of launching new products, improving existing ones and conquering new deals and markets.

It’s our main goal to create value for our customers, but also to be a motivating company for the members of our team and a company that is able to adequately compensate shareholders.

We are a solid company with more than 4000 customers all over the world. Every year more than 1000 customers faithfully purchase products and services.

We are a “cloud computing” company. More than 60% of our business is made in the “cloud”.

We are also a company where the equality in gender is an example:

  • 50% of our employees are women
  • 70% of our managers are women

We are an example of young people in the labor market, as well: 50% of our employees have ANO as their first job.

We are a company with  highly qualified professionals. 85% of the company’s staff obtained, at least, an academic degree.

We invest, yearly, around 30% of our invoicing in research and developing of new products and services.

What's our business?

Our operation is currently segmented in eight major business units:

  • Electronic Documents Management
  • eGov – Electronic Government
  • Minutes Management System
  • eProcurement – Public Electronic Procurement
  • Traffic and Fines
  • ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Commercial Management for Utilities
  • Outsourcing

Each unit has one or more products able to respond to the labour market needs. We are growing and consolidating Knowledge in each business unit.

In 2011 we accepted our customers challenge. They wanted to participate in the development and evolution of the products. Therefore, we started carrying out, periodically, sessions to comunicate the “road map” of Upgrades and the launching of new products. Since then users’ meetings were frequently held.

Since 2013 we made new developments based on our customers’ needs. Besides providing our software we made available the service of  “outsourcing of processes related to traffic fines issueance” as well as the issuance of water and  sewer invoicing , “Printing” and “Finishing” and collecting payment.

How do we see our future?

We think ourselves as a global company aiming to extend into the international market maintaining a sustaining growth in each current business unit.

Our path has been made thanks to the challenges posed by our customers: it’s for them that we exist, it’s because of them that we commit, they’re the reason why we keep alive our dynamism and ability to innovate.

All this added  allows us to maintain the slogan, as relevant as ever,:

“Your problems are our challenges!”

Manuel Amorim | CEO