ANO's Products



anoBi is a business intelligence platform, specifically designed to support the decision-making process.


anoGov is a procurement solution that comprises an electronic platform, hosting services, technical support and software maintenance.


anoSigner certifies the source of any PDF file and ensures that the content of the document hasn't been altered during its transmission.

Citizen Card

The Citizen Card can replace every card used in the city, and exist in physical format or exclusively electronically. This is a powerfull tool that allows the City to know which services and benefits each citizen, association or company is receiving/has received.


Customerservice@net is an online service portal for digital public customer service and it is based on the dematerialization and structuring of costumer service processes.


FutureDoc is an innovative and integrated document and process management solution that allows information management, promoting the dematerialization and automation of business and decision processes.


With the integration of all functional areas the FutureERP has the commitment to centralize and unify the whole information in a reliable and consistent way which allows a fast answer to requests increasing productivity to lower costs.

Generic GSP

The Generic GSP is a quick and effective solution to manage and control processes, deadlines, documents and actions.


Developed by ANO, inovAqua is an innovative solution for the commercial management of waters and waste. This application was conceptualized and designed to enhance the efficiency of the readings and billing, streamline investment and innovate in the provision of services to the consumer.


The SeAP is a set of software products as well as ANO's services, configured and customized for centres and/or Public Attendance. They are a powerful tool which allows a quick and efficient answer to the Public.


The SeAP@net allows all processes and/or documents, related to the citizen, to be added to the public attendance services, enabling the consultancy of its details during the meeting/hearing regarding the issue in question.


The SGA allows users to manage the complete lifecycle of any type of meeting, from the preparation stage to the publication of the minutes.


The STC is a web application designed to treat and manage traffic fines. This is a complete and integrated system, which promotes the dematerialization of processes and the agility of the organisation.

Tourism Portal

The Tourism Portal is a digital promoter for a region, city, resort or company, combining an online portal and a mobile application.

Urbanism GSP

Administrative processes related to Urbanism procedures are extensive, complex and governed by their own legislation, features that complicate their management.