Citizen Card

The City on a Card!


ANO has developed a product that facilitates the citizen’s identification on municipal services, expedites public attendance, and enables the continous collection of data, so that the City can monitor the performance of its services, while simultaneously facilitates the citizen’s life.

The Citizen Card can replace every card used in the city, and exist in physical format or exclusively electronically. This is a powerfull tool that allows the City to know which services and benefits each citizen, association or company is receiving/has received.

Your city, closer to its citizens!







Process Status Consultation

When a citizen shows his card at any municipal service, the “assistance” process becomes much faster, since the access to the citizen’s entire history is immediate, and there’s no need to provide any other data.

Accessing Multiple Services

The card can be used as an ID for services connected to the system, such as public pools, libraries, transportation, festivals, etc., and can also function as a “benefits card” (such as the Youth Card, the Senior Citizen Card, among others).

Faster Identification

The Citizen Card incorporates the citizen’s various digitized identification documents (ID card, Taxpayer Identification Card, etc.), which means that every time a citizen needs to place a request, he doesn’t need to show any other form of ID.

Temporary Campaigns

At any time, the city can offer temporary “benefits” for a special event or date, according to multiple criteria.