Tourism Portal

Tourism Portal


The Tourism Portal is a digital promoter for a region, city, resort or company, combining an online portal and a mobile application. The components of this application were designed to favor simplicity when creating and managing content and usability, so that visitors can easily access content, using a rich and intuitive interface. This product comprises two components:

  • Online portal, which works as a display case for a city/region, allowing the entity to highlight the best it has to offer. The promoter can publish content regarding events and services, share news and promote cultural calendars. The portal can also function as a bookings manager for hotels, restaurants, attractions, etc. This component can be customized to match the visual identity and the requirements of the entity
  • Mobile Application, which includes routes and points of interest defined by the entity, and allows the user to locate the nearest points of interest, automatically calculating routes. The application also offers a menu where the user can find a wide range of content offered by each entity

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Creating Pedestrian Tours

The entity can create pedestrian itineraries that include different attractions. The mobile app offers navigation support along predefined routes, identifies points of interest near the user, and calculates paths from the user's current location.


Every entity is geo-tagged, allowing users to access the details of the organization, check their satellite image, and know their exact location. This information is available throughout the portal.

Multilingual Website

The application enables the creation of multilanguage pages, which means that the portal can be multilingual. The control and management of the different page versions is easy and intuitive.

Creating Newsletters

The wide range of content allows for the quick and easy publication of a periodic newsletter that can be automatically sent to subscribers.

Managing the Layout

Any alteration to the portal's layout is easily replicated throughout its structure, using template pages.

Events Calendar

The application includes an automatic events calendar, divided by categories.

Weather Information

The portal offers information about the weather conditions and temperature in the places or landmarks defined by the entity.

Exploring Management and Statistical Information

The application offers page hits statistics, with the identification of the visitor's IP address, network, and page history. In the information exploration module, these data can be represented in management reports and graphs.