Software as a Service

In the SaaS (Software as a Service) business model, ANO provides the software, the hardware, the services and the support, and the client uses the application via anoCloud. In addition, the client chooses the level of service that best suits his needs (SLA – Service Level Agreement).

This service differs from the License Agreement model, since the client doesn’t pay for the acquisition of the license but for the use of the service. The major advantages are:

  • No need to create a structure
  • No need to train skilled professionals to keep the application running
  • The project can be implemented quickly
  • The customer has the possibility to increase the number of licences according to the growth rate of the organization, quickly and easily

ANO‘s data center was designed and built following the most stringent safety standards, and in line with all the prerequisites of a modern datacenter. This center provides a range of services, among which we highlight:

  • 24 hour surveillance
  • Electric power supply stabilized and granted by the public network, by UPS and energy generator
  • Temperature controlled environment
  • 24/365 monitoring of the environmental conditions

Therefore, the infrastructure is always available and readily accessible, enabling:

  • The access to the applications that are critical to business
  • Secure transactions in real time
  • The insurance of absolute confidentiality of customer information
  • Safety and maximum protection in all network levels: applications and data
  • The insurance of all tasks of data center management, with continuous checks of the physical conditions of operability and of safety equipment, as well as access control
  • The suggestion of alterations to the production platform, which can contribute to its continued improvement