Training Services


ANO‘s software applications are very flexible and therefore definable. However, this advantage has implications in the training requirements. In order to maximize the potential of the software functions and to automate the largest possible number of procedures, it’s required a greater effort by the client, when it comes to User Training.

For these reasons, we consider the training to be a critical step in the process of implementing a project, being one of the phases which define its success. Thus, we provide, at this stage, the technical and human resources that best ensure its success.

For each project there’s a Project Manager and a Training Plan that seeks to adjust the content to the goals of the system and to the users in training. This plan is carried out jointly by ANO‘s Project Manager and the client’s Project Manager until, consensually, it’s determined:

The Agenda of the Training

The Human Resources To Be Allocated

The Technical Resources To Be Used

The Expected Results by Each Entity Involved

Once the plan is prepared and approved, ANO‘s and the client’s teams are formally created. Both teams work together, each coordinated by his/hers Project Manager. The Project Managers have the primary obligation of anticipating needs and potential problems, thus avoiding any “impact” on the plan.
The profile and dimension of the team (s), the extension of the project to areas not foreseen, the replication of training activities and the alteration of the goals, among other situations, may lead, in certain cases, to an increase in the number of days in which the Training Plan can be executed. In this case, the client must request the respective order (for the plan to be placed without schedule changes).
The training period assigned will be the one described in the Proposal and in the Customer’s order. The training will take place in the customer’s premises, within the normal working hours (from 9.30 am to 17.30 pm with 1h30m lunch-break). The logistics and equipment are to be provided by the customer. 
While the training takes place in a work context and therefore in the customer’s premises, it’s of paramount importance that the client prepares the environment as to avoid interruptions during training.