Resident Card Management Software


The SgCR allows the residents of a particular area to manage the public parking space, according to the conditions previously set by the competent authority.

This application handles every task regarding the registration, assessment and acceptance of the request, issuance, renewal and issuance of duplicates of the Resident Card.

Simple and convenient parking!







Structured Workflow

Every issuance, renewal or data alteration request, or report of damages, loss or theft of the Resident Card, originates a process and, through a preset workflow structure, automatically triggers every action necessary for its resolutions.

Managing Attached and Digitised Documents

The SgCR is aided by a module that manages attached and digitized documents, compatible with multiple formats (PDF, DOC, XLS, etc.), which enables the attachment, to the process, of every document necessary for its construction.

Printing Cards With and Without Magnetic Strips/Chips

After the approval of the request, the Resident Card can be printed containing information regarding the process and the citizen, either using a magnetic strip or a chip embedded on the card.

Consulting the History of Processes

The SgCR records the history of every process connected to a particular company/person. As such, any data entered into the system, triggers the automatic display of every piece of information recorded about that entity.


Traffic and Fines

Geographic Information Systems

Electronic Documents Management / Public Attendance Portals