Business Intelligence


AnoBi is a business intelligence platform, specifically designed to support the decision-making process, which offers the following perspectives on your business:
  • Reporting
  • Data Analysis (OLAP – Online Analytical Processing)
  • Dashboards
  • Graphs
These perspectives generate current, historical and predictive views of your business processes, helping you make the right choices for your organisation!

Information is Power! Make the Right Decision!


Flexibility and Scalability





Reasoned Decisions

AnoBi collects, organizes and structures information that is scattered across multiple sources, responding to increasingly complex and critical questions for you.

Simple, Intuitive and Adaptable Interface

The reports offered by anoBi present the extracted information in a simple and clear format. The information is updated systematically and automatically, ensuring its quality and timeliness.

Resource Optimization

AnoBi enables the analytical tracing of the organization resource structure, and offers performance, efficiency and effectiveness indicators. The values obtained can be improved and optimized, after evaluation and analysis.

Context for Complex Decisions

The data analysis operations, including the tri-dimensional analysis and the drill-down, deliver the details the deciders need, in order to support their decisions.

Permanent Supervision

Due to its integration, communication and collaboration features, anoBi creates a layer of abstraction over the data of an organization, adding value to the “core information”, through data intersection. The result of this extremely complex process, translates into clearly and simply presented management indicators, essential for the deciders.

Updated Information

Access the information you need, whenever you want to and using the available equipment. AnoBi offers information in the format (reports, dashboards, charts, etc.) and detail (analytical or summary) you choose.