“On-Line” Support


Customerservice@net is an online service portal for digital public customer service and it is based on the dematerialization and structuring of costumer service processes.

In an increasingly digital world, the use of online costumer  service is a growing need and it is irrefutable the set of advantages that this type of service provides to suppliers and users.

Customerservice@net opens a window of direct online communication with the outside, allowing the user to make a request, a complaint, a request for information or any other request, at any time of the day, without traveling and without waiting in queues.

The Customerservice@net portal adapts itself to different types of customers (public or private) and sectors of economic activity, due to its easy adaptation to the existing reality and need.

In an increasingly digital world, Atendimento@net guarantees an efficient communication process, without queues!







Registration on the Customerservice@net of the user is accessible and can be done in just a few minutes.

In order to make this process even easier and faster, the user has the manual registration and also the possibility to use the registration method based on the Citizen Card or Digital Mobile Key, which will ensure a direct registration on the platform, without the need for validation of the entered data,  being automatically active on the portal.

Customerservice@net can be configured according to your needs. This customization is possible through the userfriendlies editing functions and no technical knowledge is required to make the respective edits. It allows total independence to change the layout of the portal.

The User registered on the Customerservice@net portal has a personal "View" available, where he can change some personal data, provided at the time of registration, and change his access credentials, whenever necessary.
In this "View" the User can check his Access History, guaranteeing the integrity of his account.

It provides a Form Editor that allows a quick construction of dynamic forms that serve as a basis for placing orders.

The Editor guarantees enormous flexibility of construction, ensuring the possibility of creating completely different forms, with dynamic filling rules, which adapt to the needs of each client.

During the construction of a form, it is possible to define and configure the minimum requirements for the delivery of the form, for example, format and size of documents to be delivered, the need for a digital signature or the payment of fees at the time of submission.

All forms are available on Customerservice@net through a Menu that allows you to find the form you are looking for in an easy and intuitive way.

As the form is filled out, it is automatically adapted to the choices made, following the rules previously set in its construction.
This dynamism allows you to view only the fields that need a response, avoiding excessive information on the form.

When an order or document is submitted, its contents are validated and sent to the internal workflow and can be automatically registered in the back office applications.
This integration with the back-office allows the Customerservice@net to present online information, which gives the status of existing orders and processes.

Customerservice@net has documented web services that allow integration.

Customerservice@net provides a view that allows you to consult, in real time and in a structured way, the status of orders, allowing you to know their evolution and status.
When an order creates an internal process, the user is informed about its evolution in the order inquiry “View”. From that moment, the process will be available in a specific “View”, allowing the user to consult, in real time, the evolution, being informed about the phase and the action in which it is.

So that the user can be able to correctly instruct his processes, the Customerservice@net portal provides all the necessary elements for each phase of a process. Thus, whenever an order is placed, the user has all the conditions to present the necessary/mandatory elements for its processing.

The portal provides the User a “View” to access the issued documents, following a request or process.

Thus, the user will have access to the documents in real time, and the physical processing of documents via mail is not necessary.

The portal provides its own “View” for technicians associated to the processes. In this way, they will be able to consult, in real time, the processes that are indexed to them, as well as their evolution.

Customerservice@net allows the exchange of messages through a “Web Chat”, which can be used to reinforce or request clarification on any existing issue, ensuring that the entire service process is carried out electronically.
A message can also be sent directly through the “View” of a process query, so that it is indexed to its origin and the entire processing history is added to a “View”.

When a message is sent by the user, it will be received by whoever is following the process.

Customerservice@net is accessible through the browser of any mobile device (PC, Tablet or smartphone). The interfaces follow the methods of “Responsive Web Design” and are self-adjusting to different screen sizes, without the need for additional configurations or applications.

Allows traceability through audit systems (usage logs) based on industry standards, which are measurable and monitorable and which allow tracking of accesses and interventions in the system.