Consultancy Services


For a proper implementation of ANO‘s products, these must be followed by a consultancy service that will allow the customer to obtain the following advantages:

Implementation plan, which includes a description of the available resources, dates and goals for each stage of the project

Help in defining the data structure that will be processed by the application

Assessment of the users' knowledge and suitability for the project

Identification of the critical factors for success and project's opportunities

This service is usually suggested to the customer at the proposal stage. The number of days required for each project will vary depending on its objectives and size.

Consultancy Services

The strategic consultancy is an extremely valuable tool, which culminates with the preparation of a document: the Strategic Plan for Information Systems (PESI).

For the development of the PESI, a detailed analysis is performed, which aims to adapt the management goals to the organisation, and to determine the critical factors for the success of their implementation. This service is performed by a multidisciplinary team of ANO consultants, with great experience in similar situations.

ANO provides this service regardless of the marketing of its software and hardware systems. However, it's common for the strategic consultancy services to follow the purchase of ANO's applications, allowing the client to concentrate, on a single entity, the consultancy and plan implementation tasks, and ensuring resource optimization and the compliance with the established goals.

The business process reengineering consultancy is, usually, associated with the implementation of ANO's electronic documents management and public attendance systems, although it can be extended to other areas.

This service provides the customer a diagnosis of the organisation, establishing which alterations should be made, and what optimizations can be achieved with the implementation of the system in question.

This service is an extremely valuable tool that allows organisations to quickly achieve the objectives they have set, reduces redundancies and costs, and motivates the employees to accomplish common goals.