Generic GSP

Business Processes Management


The management and control of the information increasingly ensures the quality of the products and services of an organisation. With this in mind, ANO has developed a quick and effective solution to manage and control processes, deadlines, documents and actions. The Generic GSP optimizes the information flow, using three subsystems:

  • Workflow definition
  • Processes management and tracking
  • Deadlines control

With the Generic GSP the human resources of an organization are free to perform tasks with greater added value







Processes Workflow Definition

It models and improves the information flows, which are part of the processes. It characterizes the various processes types; it identifies documents, actions and intervenients and it gives maximum and minimum deadlines to carry out processes and phases.

Delivered and Attached Elements Management and Control

All the necessary elements are controlled in each phase, and notices or documents, requiring the missing elements, can be issued. The elements attached to the process can be internal or external and in different formats

Electronic Tracking and Control of Interventions

The GSP knows the processes, identifies their situation and leads them automatically to the user who follows the right procedure. The processes, which need to be worked on, are received in an environment that has the necessary tools for that

Related Processes

The processes can be interrelated, whether being of the same or of different types. This feature allows the setting up of temporal and hierarchical relations according to the process entity, nature or subject.

Deadlines Control

All the management and deadlines control is based on a customized calendar. Thus, it is possible to pré-define deadlines. The user, who gives a deadline to an action or set of actions is notified in order to say whether he wants the deadline to be counted in calendar or working days; if he wants to be warned about its end and, if yes, how many days' notice.

Control of Processes Inspection

An inspector entity is electronically notified whenever its intervention is necessary. The notification is sent along with the "service notes". This control is effective, allowing to know when and how they came up in the process.

Process Stages Management

A process can go through different stages: to be active, suspended or filed. With the GSP it is possible to change, to proceed with, to activate or to inquiry the information.

Licences and Tax Revenue Forms Issue

One can register, format, refer to and print any kind of license, income bill/tax revenue or any similar document, in a process context. One can also control licenses validity deadline and manage deadline extensions.