Urbanism GSP

Urban BPM - Business Processes Management


Administrative processes related to Urbanism procedures are extensive, complex and governed by their own legislation, features that complicate their management.

With this in mind, ANO developed the Urbanism GSP, an agile and effective solution to manage and control deadlines, documents, actions and participants, under:

  • Building/Edification processes
  • ‘Prior Information’ processes
  • Allotment processes
  • Urbanisation processes, etc.

They do the present … we do the future!







Optimising Workflow

With the Urbanism GSP, it’s possible to shape and optimize the workflow of any process, using several functionalities.

Generating and Formatting Documents Automatically

Given that the processes follow a structured workflow, the documents can be generated and formatted automatically, using preset templates. The documents can, then, be automatically addressed and printed, or sent to a documents management application, such as the GSE.

Managing and Controlling the Items Delivered and Attached

The Urbanism GSP controls the necessary items, on each stage of the process, and automatically sends notifications, to the users involved, requesting the elements that are missing.

Controlling Deadlines

Every action is guided by an array of internal and legal deadlines, counted in work or calendar days, according to their nature. The internal deadlines are usually indexed to specific actions and accounted for in the internal audits regarding productivity and the compliance with the established procedures.

Supporting the Work of the Inspection Teams

With this application, it’s possible to parameterize the automatic issuance of notifications to the inspection teams, whenever it’s necessary to validate or verify any situation.

Controlling Interventions

This programme automatically forwards the processes to the users that can/should intervene next. In turn, the users receive the processes on their “My Tasks” dashboard, and a notification via email, SMS or web agent, alerting them to the fact that a process is waiting for their intervention.