New Housing Portal

Another project by ANO Software!

ANO Software designed and developed the current Housing Portal, within the scope of a Public Tender awarded by the Portuguese Housing and Urban Rehabilitation Institute(1). This Portal, also known as the “New Housing Portal”, is a project entirely developed by ANO and incorporates several financial support instruments for housing and urban rehabilitation (e.g. Gateway, 1st Right, Lease Support, Nuno Teotónio Pereira Award, etc.). In parallel, IHRU and IFRRU2020 (2) Portals were also developed, all within the same project.

Recently, and as a consequence of the current epidemiological state caused by COVID-19, it was necessary to provide the Housing Portal with a new instrument that would allow the management of the requests received under the exceptional regime for situations of rental due late payment (Law No. 4-C/2020) in a simple and agile way. An ambitious project because of the complexity, but above all because of the short execution time imposed by the emergency state that the country is going through.

This exceptional regime provided for by law, aims to assist all Portuguese who do not have the financial capacity to support the rentals due in the months in which the emergency state is in force and the first month thereafter.

We embrace this challenge with the same determination of all our projects and, on the scheduled date, the instrument for Income Support, an exceptional support scheme under Covid-19, came into operation. In this short period of time, the Portal already registers hundreds of requests and it is estimated that thousands of requests will be submitted.

No doubt that this is another example of the competence and excellence of ANO‘s software products, whose main focus is the satisfaction of its customers’ needs, always striving for quality, speed and innovation of its products.

(1)Instituto da Habitação e Reabilitação Urbana (IHRU) – Portuguese Housing and Urban Rehabilitation Institute – It is a public institute responsible for the financing and promotion of new social housing, the management and maintenance of existing social housing stock and the regeneration of old city centres in Portugal.


(2)Instrumento Financeiro para a Reabilitação e Revitalização Urbanas (IFRRU2020) – Portuguese Financial Instrument for Urban Rehabilitation and Revitalization – It is a financial instrument set up under Portugal 2020 to support urban rehabilitation and revitalization, including the promotion of energy efficiency and complementing, in particular for housing rehabilitation.