Outsourcing Service


Outsourcing typically refers to the hiring of a third party to perform a business process, which may include tecnology, equipment, labor work and installations, all managed by a single provider.

ANO‘s customers have always challenged us to integrate our technology with services that allow them to outsource business processes, blurring the distinction between service and technology. We currently offer multiple services in this model, using our electronic platforms to manage the activity of public and private organisations:

This service, available to our customers, offers handling, printing, enveloping and shipping services of traffic fines, using the platforms STC - Traffic fines software and InovAqua software for the utilities market (water / sanitation, electricity and gas).

STC - Traffic and Fines Software, inovAqua, GSP and FutureDoc are ANO's platforms used to provide payment collection and control services in the areas of utilities and traffic fines.

By using ANO's Document Management solutions, we offer several operational services related to the dematerialization of documents and processes, including:

  • Document scanning
  • Document Registration
  • Document handling
  • Documents and Processes Follow-up

Hosting and maintenance services are available to all customers with ANO applications and can include all the necessary infrastructure for their proper functioning, especially with regard to connectivity, servers, energy, maintenance and management.

Simple Backups (On Site)

Backups, or backup copies, are mandatory requirements for those who use information systems and, as a rule, organizations believe they have systems correctly implemented.

However, when backups become necessary, we are often faced with unexpected situations: the backup was being done incorrectly, the last backup is too old, the saved copy is corrupted, etc.To answer these concerns, ANO offers its customers backup and verification services.


Backups Off Site

We also offer customers with ANO applications backup services performed remotely by our services, which are then lodged and stored in our facilities, for the retention period to be contracted.

Disaster Recovery Plans (PRD)

The enormous losses resulting from the loss of data due to carelessness, intrusion and serious damage to servers and disk arrays are more and more frequent.. For this reason, we created the PRD service, which includes the set of rules and procedures necessary to ensure that, in the event of a failure, the customer can recover all his data originating from the applications provided by ANO.


Business Continuity (24x7) Plans (PCN) 

The unforeseen and disaster situations bring enormous challenges to organizations, which try to create systems to minimize losses in extreme situations. The PCN service was created by ANO to ensure that, in the event of failure, the customer can continue to work on the applications provided by ANO, with a downtime that varies according to the contract and the level of service contracted.From our Datacenters, we have virtual servers, with the customert's application environment, ready to be used.