Setup Service


The setup service is the installation, configuration, parameterization and startup of an application solution, to allow the formation and entry into production.The tasks performed depend on the need for each project and the service contracted by the costumer. We define here the tasks that are normally the standard model.

In the case of a change to a new application system, all the application systems provided are configured so that there is no significant downtime. The objective is, as far as possible, the operation takes place on the current system, transits the next day, goes into production on the new system, without any disturbance to the end user.

At this stage the possible tasks to be carried out are as follows:

  • Validation of the capacity of servers, communications and software infrastructure, to receive the contracted application systems
  • Installation of application security patches
  • Installation of applications to be hosted
  • Validation tests
  • Installation and configuration of the application server
  • Installation and configuration of monitoring and backup agents
  • Installation and configuration of the database
  • Installation and configuration of the contracted application systems